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Doha International School

Doha International School (DIS) is a private international school in Qatar since 1995.

Operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Qatar. The school offers the American curriculum to classes from KG1 up to Grade 6. The school is committing to teach the three mandatory subjects (Arabic, Islamic education and Qatar History) to all students enrolled in the school, whether in Arabic or in English for non-Arabic-speaking students, with the provision of compulsory books received from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, where the school follows the curricula and standards of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the educational process of mandatory materials (Arabic, Islamic and Qatar History) in terms of the quarterly plan, the daily plan and the standards of testing and evaluation. As for the other subjects (English, Math, Science) studied in English language based on the American curriculum standards (California). 

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