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40 ways to use Google Classroom

1. Create paperless assignments with Classroom

2. Use Classroom to review assignments, give grades and feedback in real time

3. Collaborate on lessons plan

4. Keep a running record of meeting notes

5. Create a shared lesson plan repository

6. Improve the writing process

7. Set up a peer review system

8. Publish student work

9. Translate letters home to parents

10. Track student homework

11. Coordinate sign-ups

12. Research while writing a document

13. Create amazing presentations

14. Administer assessments

15. Survey your students' interests

16. Collect observation feedback

17. Submit reading records online

18. Keep track of discipline referrals

19. Automatically grade forms with Flubaroo

20. Manage your schedule effectively

21. Share calendars

22. Check out shared resources

23. Map out the standards you're teaching

24. Create appointment slots

25. Teach time management

26. Communicate in different languages

27. Find global pen pals

28. Enable labs to increase productivity

29. Create groups for your classes or staff

30. Share docs and calendars with specific groups

31. Create parent support groups

32. Invite a guest lecturer into your classroom

33. Hold office hours and homework help

34. Bring approved video clips to the classroom

35. Share professional development videos

36. Control sharing settings on student videos